Leonardo DiCaprio Upcoming Movies List with Release Dates

Leonardo DiCaprio has been around for around 2 decades. Folks started to notice him when he starred as Jack in Titanic movie. He has been arguably the most popular actor among die hard movies fans and critics. Of course many women are fall in love with him. He has dozens of quality as an actor, explaining much on how many quality films have been conducted by DiCaprio.

Leonardo DiCaprio Upcoming Movies

Most of the time, his movies hit huge blockbusters, and some romances. Sure he is not as good as others who have received multiple academy awards. We know that he hadn’t received any Academy Award until 2016 when The Revenant made such huge box office. I am actually not quite satisfied with this late result. He could be the winner of Academy Awards long before 2016, but why not? Of course he deserves many rewards because he always do his best in every movie he starred. Many agree that he is the best actor at the moment and he deserves more.

According to the trusted source, he has tons of work on his agenda. Well, yes, we are talking about the upcoming movies both he’s producing and starring. All of them are 42 films. Amazing number, isn’t it? It is a massive workload for an actor like DiCaprio. However, I will only feature the upcoming movies in which he is starring. After all, everybody would prefer to watch DiCaprio in the big screen, right? So, let’s take a look at the list.

The first one is The Ballad of Richard Jewell. He will reunite again with Jonah Hill for completely different storyline of movie. Unlike the Wolk of the Wall Street, this story involves the Richard Jewell, rolled by Jonah Hill. He was the hero who saved thousands people in the 1996 Olympic from bombing. The story follows the real story behind the 1996 Olympic bombing which the Richard Jewell was falsely accused as the suspect. It is definitely one of the most awaited movies from DiCaprio.

The next one is Satori, Dicaprio roles as trained assassin who lived in the post World-War 2. The thriller, although has not yet confirmed for its release date, has bring such hype in the movie lovers now. Since it was announced in 2011, there is nothing new happening. Sad but true. We just have to wait and see the release date.

The Devil in the White City comes as the third upcoming movie. This film has such amazing storyline since it is taken from the 2003 book of the same title.

See the complete list of Leonardo DiCaprio upcoming movies below.

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