Upcoming Horror Movies 2017, 2018 List and Release Dates

Halloween may be over and the year 2016 is approaching to an end. However, that does not mean the terror has ended! We are still going to watch bunch of thrilling movies which will give you nightmare.

In the next year as well as the following 2018, the horror viewers have plenty of spooky movies to look forward to. And the hype has been here. In fact, there are about 2 dozens of upcoming big horror movies listed as what we call them the scariest movie to come between 2017 and 2018. So if you are horror movie lover, you don’t have to worry about running out of thrills. We have already compiled such a great list of upcoming horror movies in 2017 and 2018.

Recently, we are doing a little digging. While the movies we found may not all be officially confirmed just yet, one thing is that we are sure, we have every reason to be excited in welcoming such movies. All you need to do is check our list below and feast your minds and eyes with all the terrifying aspects.

While you can see the other list from the other sites, there are few things which they left out such as release dates and plot summary. So if you would like to read the complete information about the upcoming movies, stick to this page since we provide you with the best upcoming horror movies 2017, 2018 list and release dates.

If you haven’t checked the upcoming horror movies yet, this page is just meant for you. It is not early to start thinking about horror movies coming out in 2017 and 2018. After all, there’s a whole bunch of great horror movies yet to come in the next year and the year after.The next year is getting near.

For instance, in the early 2017, you will be watching Friday the 13th of January. The beloved Jason Voorhees will return to diehard horror movie lovers. Jason has been missed by his diehard fans around the world. If you are one of them, this movie can be the best opening for the next year.

Then you will have IT, the horror classic which will bring you back to the essence of spooky stories. Some folks also speak about Flatliners which will also be released in 2017, the date is however not yet announced by the movie maker.

Then there is Suspiria which comes from 20th Century. This is the reboot of the horror original movie. For ladies, you will see the handsome prince Dakota Johnson from Shades of Grey to take the lead role.

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